Letting go of what does not serve you and strengthening your self-confidence sustainably – your body knows how to do it...

Hey there! I am Tilla and I am able to ask your body what burdens it and I can show this burden where the door is. In doing so, I am using psycho-kinesiology, more precisely a combination of kinesiology and EMDR.

What is ctrl-alt-shift?

ctrl-alt-shift steht für die Abkürzung zu einem gewünschten Ergebnis. Eine Abkürzung ist meist nicht konventionell. Oft lernt man sie erst aufgrund eines Hinweises von außen oder durch selbstermächtigtes Ausprobieren kennen. Daher steht ctrl-alt-shift auch für den Mut, mal etwas Neues auszuprobieren, etwas anders zu machen als sonst.

Wie für die Nutzer, so auch für mich ist der Name ctrl-alt-shift Programm. Ich ruhe mich nicht auf bisher Bekanntem aus, sondern bilde mich stets weiter fort, um noch effizienter zu Lösungen zu kommen.

What kind of method is this?

Through psycho-kinesiology we can detect and neutralize morbid thoughts, repetitive patterns of activity and blockades in our subconscious mind.

The underlying programming in the sub-conscious gets revealed and over-written. The former subjectively saved interpretation of the situation gets replaced by an objective, more neutral one.

In this way we are able to re-evaluate the situation afterwards and from now on to react in a self-confident and self-sufficient manner instead out of reflex.

The science on the topic of kinesiology as well as on the topic of EMDR emerged in the 1980s and is composed of the scientific displines biophysics, biochemistry, neurobiology and sociobiology.

One major component of the method is called connecting link® and was established by the founder Volker Schwarz in 2009.

Since the beginning of 2024, further aspects of psycho-kinesiology as well as neurobiologic and energetical work are introduced into the methodology of ctrl-alt-shift.

What is this good for?

Basically all matters that are directly or indirectly
caused by stress can be looked at.

Psychological behaviour patterns

for example:

  • lack of confidence
  • fears and phobias
  • impulsive and aggressive behaviour
  • fear of the future
  • insecurities in everyday situations
  • mental or physical overload
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • depression, burn-out
  • perfectionism
  • procrastination
  • addictive behaviour

belief systems

for example:

  • "I am not good enough"
  • "I am not loveable"
  • "I am powerless"
  • "I can't do anything"
  • "I am alone"
  • "I am a bad person"
  • "I am guilty"
  • "I am stupid"
  • "I am not important"
  • "There is something wrong with me"
  • "I never get what I want"

Psychosomatic symptoms

for example:

  • tachycardia
  • panic attacks
  • sleeping disorders
  • tinnitus
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • chronic diseases
  • Chronische Krankheiten
  • chronic pain
  • digestive disorders
  • allergies and intolerances

Your matter is not listed here?

Which advantages emerge?

Which advantages emerge?

  • It is extremely efficient, one session takes about an hour depending on how talkative your body is.
  • You will learn something about the origin of your current topic, that you haven't known before.
  • You will feel physically more relaxed afterwards. Normally there will also be a noticeable relaxation relating to your topic.
  • Du musst nichts von dem verstehen, was passiert, der Kopf hat Pause, und nach der Sitzung ist die Arbeit getan.
  • Es gibt keine Möglichkeit meinerseits zu manipulieren. Ich kann nur mit dem arbeiten, was dein Körper freigibt.
  • You will learn that your body is extremely smart and has indeed the last word when it comes to releasing trauma instead of the mind. Doing so, he packages the handled topics in manageable and efficient portions and sends it out reliably.
  • You rely on the fact that your body loves you and works for you. It cannot overwhelm you, because this would mean stress again. If you are scared looking on a specific topic from your past, your body most likely will not lead you there.
  • It will only be minimal invasive, I only touch your hand and we sit together.
  • You are fully present the entire time and contribute to the process in form of a conversation. It is not a hypnotic state.
Who performs the method?

Hey there!

I am Tilla, dreamer, traveller, scout of outer further as well as inner deeper worlds. Thereby I don't stand under any banner except for the white one and I like doing things my way – the mind full of nonsense and the heart connected to up above.

Ende 2019 betrat eine tiefere Sinnkrise meine Lebensbühne, und obwohl ich erst meine Zweifel hatte, ließ ich mich schlussendlich auf Empfehlung aus dem Freundeskreis auf eine connecting-link®-Sitzung ein. Das Ergebnis war erstaunlich: Ich verließ den Termin mit gefühlt 5 kg weniger auf den Schultern, ohne genau verstanden zu haben was passiert war. Die Probleme, die vorher so präsent waren, lösten in mir nur ein geringschätzendes Achselzucken aus.

Since then and especially during the Corona times I used connecting link time and time again every two to three months, every time I felt bad and sensed the urge to release tension.

After some time the idea fascinated me to also learn and perform this method, so I started the educational training to be a connecting-link®-coach in 2022. Since 2024 I keep educating myself further and I apply all I learned individually in these sessions.

What fascinates me about this method is that I don't convey anything, since it doesn't have to do anything with me. Just like everybody else I am in this walnut shell paddling over the ocean trying my best. I am also clueless about life, yours in particular. What I can do however is ask your body what it can say to a specific topic of yours.

Ever since I know psycho-kinesiology and still also use personally, my thoughts don't circle too much on what is happening in the exterior and they als don't chew on problems any longer. I am much calmer, much more in balance and much much much happier in life.

What are the costs?

Standard price per session

Every session takes as long as your body wants to talk.
In general something between 45 and 75 minutes.

pay what you can

EUR 100-150

  • Du entscheidest, wieviel du geben kannst und willst,
  • Every number in between this frame is fine for me
  • and doesn't represent your validation.

    For social welfare recipients, students, seniors
    and low income generators of all kinds
    there is the possiblity of a discount.
What do others say?

I have experienced Tilla as a warmhearted open coach who uncovers and treats blockades unerringly. I feel very well taken care of with her, everything has room here. Thank you!

Holger, 44

During my pregnancy I was able to resolve endless topics around my own birth as well as the relation with my daughter and my parents with Tillas help. Tilla has probably contributed the most part to my inner liberation and I am endlessly grateful for her great, empathic and powerful work and personality.

Kathi, 29

I met Tilla randomly on a festival and spontaneously tried connecting link for the first time. It was so impressive that I went there straight again the next day.

Jan, 47

A session with Tilla is just marvellous. She guides my through the process in a committed, calm and present way. I feel well taken care of, personally and professionally, so that I can focus on myself. connecting link ® is an extensively helpful method. After every session I feel lighter and much calmer.

Lena, 39

When I had my first session with Tilla, I had no experience with this method. Before she started, she explained everything in a very friendly and professional manner, so that I was able to open up. What astonished me was: even during the first session I was able to resolve very big topics with her help.

Johann, 30

Tilla works very sensitively as a coach and instantly creates a relaxed and discrete atmosphere. It is very easy to open up and discover new coherences together. I felt well taken care of the entire time and felt grounded and calm after every session.

Patrick, 39

The sessions with Tilla have helped me to see my life from a whole new perspective – breathing is easier for me and I feel better taking part in social life and getting to know new people. Thanks to her and connecting link® I feel like a whole new person. A thousand times THANK YOU!

Folke, 27

Tilla is a very dedicated and good listener. You clearly feel her joy in helping you individually. The sessions have helped me to uncover and resolve major traumas in my life. Thanks a lot!

Sarah, 43
Where could we engage?

Du findest mich
in the Massage Box Linden
on Platzprojekt in Hannover.


Platzprojekt e.V.
Massage Box
Fössetraße 103
30453 Hannover


+49 177 3293991
(only WhatsApp)


Apart from that I will create an individual ctrl-alt-shift healing space on some festivals with spiritual or healing context in the summer of 2024.

Affirmed festivals so far:

Kulturelle Landpartie (09.-20.05.2024 – Wendland, Germany)
Surya Spirits Festival (24.-27.05.2024 – Ghent, Belgium)

Great to see you here!

Can I answer further questions for you?